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Greenwich Village:  History, Music and Activism

As one of the most iconic neighborhoods in NYC, it is no surprise Greenwich Village is also one of its most historic and politically charged. From NYU and Washington Square Park, to its legendary music venues, to the famous people who lived there, to its cultural impact, the Village is as popular today as when Dylan, Springsteen, Hendrix, Ginsberg and others roamed the streets looking for gigs.


Join Brad for an entertaining and historic tour of a portion of this great neighborhood and learn why Greenwich Village is still, well, the “Village” - an interesting microcosm of all things NYC.

Private Group Tour $150 for up to 8 people, contact me if you have more

Jewish Gangsters

Jewish Gangsters?

The late nineteenth and early twentieth century witnessed a rise in organized crime in New York City.  Pickpockets, extortionists, armed robbers, bootleggers, gamblers and contract killers were commonplace not only in the notorious Five Points neighborhood, but also in the growing Jewish ghetto of the Lower East Side.  And as more Orthodox Jews settled in the area, so did unscrupulous and vicious gangs of Jewish Gangsters!  These not so nice Jewish boys who loved their mothers and grew up attending Synagogue, also poisoned horses, robbed and torched pushcarts, sold illegal whiskey and drugs and were some of the best hit men in organized crime.

Join urban historian and educator Bradley Shaw on a walking tour of the Lower East Side as we visit where these Yiddish-a Gangstas lived and did their illicit business.  We will not only not only profile the very famous like Meyer Lansky, Bugsy Siegel and Arnold Rothstein, but meet the less known and quirky like “Dopey” Benny Fein, “Big” Jack Zelig, “Lepke” Buchalter and the Shomer Shabbos hit man Samuel “Red” Levine.

Private Group Tour - $150 up to 8 People 

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Eldridge St Synagogue NYC

Historic Synagogues of the Lower East Side

At the beginning of the last century, there were more than 500 synagogues throughout the streets of the Lower East Side. It was likely to encounter a synagogue or Jewish immigrant society on nearly every block. Very few still exist in their original form; most are distant memories or have been altered to serve completely different functions – as residences, churches, event spaces and empty lots.


Join licensed NYC tour guide and historian Bradley Shaw as he explores the evolution of the Lower East Side through the fate of its synagogues. You’ll learn about the ones still in existence; the ones that were lost, and the ones transformed to fit the needs of a changing neighborhood.  Also discussed will be popular food spots (past and present) and other points of interests including a Lower East Side connection to a former President.


About 2 hours with 1.5 miles of walking

Private Group Tour - $150 up to 8 People

Contact Me for more info and sign up

Jews Burying Ground NYC circa 1900

Early Sacred Sites of the Lower East Side

Herbert Ashbury’s “Gangs of New York” was a fantastic account of the notorious Five Points neighborhood in Lower Manhattan.  It was brought to life by Martin Scorsese’s 2002 movie of the same name.

Come join Brad as he talks about what life was really like in what was considered New York City’s first slum, through stories, the famous and infamous residents and visitors, and locations that still exist today.
As an added bonus, visit the site of the second oldest cemetery in Manhattan.  Learn about the
famous people within, its secrets and how the site has survived since 1683.

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Sunday Dec 10 - get tickets at


Chatham Square Info

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